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About Me

Greetings! I'm Craig, and here's a glimpse into who I am.

Firstly, as an openly gay individual, I proudly identify using the pronouns he/him. Embracing my identity has been a significant part of my journey, shaping my commitment to fostering inclusivity and understanding.


I obtained my degree in counselling from the esteemed University of Hull. My education has instilled in me a profound appreciation for Person-Centred Counselling and its transformative power. I firmly believe in the effectiveness of this approach, emphasising the core conditions of empathy, unconditional positive regard, and congruence (genuineness). These foundational principles form the bedrock of my practice, allowing me to create a nurturing and non-judgmental space where individuals can explore their innermost thoughts and emotions freely.

In addition to my professional pursuits, my spiritual background gently influences my counselling philosophy. It informs my practice, enabling me to provide holistic support that integrates individuals' beliefs and values into their therapeutic journey.

When I'm not immersed in the world of counselling, you'll often find me pursuing my passions. Photography is my creative outlet, allowing me to capture moments that reflect the beauty and diversity of the world around us. I also cherish spending time outdoors, reconnecting with nature's tranquility, and finding inspiration in its vastness. Additionally, experiencing the magic of the theatre, where stories come alive on stage, is one of my favorite ways to unwind and immerse myself in the arts.

I'm committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where individuals can explore, grow, and thrive. Whether it's through counselling, capturing moments through photography, or indulging in the wonders of nature and the arts, I'm dedicated to fostering personal growth, empathy, and connection.


Thank you for visiting, and I'm excited about the potential to connect and support you on your journey.

A Photo of Craig on a yellow background.
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