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Awaken Your Way

Face to Face Counselling

In face-to-face counselling, I offer personalised therapy sessions where we meet in person, creating a safe, confidential space to explore your thoughts and emotions. Through direct interaction, I provide tailored support, using various techniques to address your unique needs. This approach allows for immediate feedback and a deeper connection, fostering trust and facilitating personal growth and emotional well-being.

a man and woman counselling.

Online Counselling

Through online counselling, I provide personalised therapy via secure video calls, creating a confidential space for us to explore your concerns. With flexibility and convenience, we engage in sessions from anywhere, addressing your emotional needs using various therapeutic techniques. Online counselling offers accessibility and comfort while fostering a strong therapeutic alliance, supporting your growth and well-being in a convenient virtual setting.

A man counselling online

Corporate Counselling

I can also offer corporate counselling and tailored programs designed to meet your organisation's needs. Through confidential sessions, I address employee well-being, stress management, and interpersonal dynamics. Let's collaborate to customise a program that supports your team's mental health and productivity. Get in touch to discuss your organisation's requirements and explore how we can create a supportive and thriving workplace together.

a close up of hands in a counselling session
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